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profichip offers an extensive product range from which you can choose the perfect controller for your interface

Controllers from profichip are the pulse generators of all automation tasks. With an emphasis on "all". Because every profichip product is customized for a specific application in the field of ​​industrial communication, and we are already covering most of the leading communication protocols.


About us, you and what we do


    Chips and everything else
    Based in the Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach, we support customers all over the world with our comprehensive portfolio in the field of industrial communication and control ASICs. Many well-known companies don’t just trust and rely on our technology, but also commission us to implement their ideas and visions. Because profichip is not just about chips, but about the whole world of automation. As summarized by our motto: Automation in silicon.

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      No more bottlenecks in your Ethernet communication system

      Our new NOTOS chipset enables you to use our latest backplane technology.

      Our new NOTOS chipset enables you to use our latest backplane technology. The SliceBus 2.0 technology was created to deliver many additional functionalities in a price sensitive small frame.

      Through speeds, up to 192 Mbps, our new backplane system won’t be your bottleneck in an Ethernet-based communication system. [more]